2009 Event Photos

In the 21st Michigan, we enjoy our time together re-creating the history of the Civil War. We are lucky to have several prolific photographers in the group. Here you will find a visual memory of some of the good times we've had as a group. The photos are grouped by event. The first link will take you to many photos of the men we portray - the original 21st Michigan.

Whereever possible, we will give credit to the photographer or owner of the image.

Historic Photos of the 21st Michigan

Christmas Season 2009

Hillsdale, MI - End of year event - 2009

Veteran's Day Parade - Detroit, MI - November 2009

Harvest Ball - October 2009

Wolcott Mill - October 2009

Fremont, OH 2009

Jackson - August 2009

Dearborn Homecoming - August 2009

Civil War Days - July 2009