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Our goal as the civilian contingency of the 21st Michigan is to make every visitor feel as if they stepped back in time to the period of the American Civil War: 1861 to 1865. A powerful component of our presentation – above all else – is…ourselves: the way we dress and the way we present ourselves to the public is of utmost importance. After all, that is the reason visitors come to our reenactments – to see history come to life. We feel to present history in a false manner would be doing a great disservice to those who we are attempting to emulate.

The civilians of the 21st Michigan take pride in the authenticity of our clothing and of the accuracy in our presentations. Many of us try to give the patron an immersion experience – from the moment the visitor steps onto our campsite, we want them to feel as if they have traveled back in time to the early 1860’s. Most in our civilian contingency have a reason for being at a reenactment, whether it’s showing life as a laundress, a postmaster, a senator, or even a mid-wife, and it is in this way that we hope to give the visitor a more well-rounded peek into the past.  

This page is currently under construction. Check back soon to learn more about the Civilian portion of our organization!

Notes on Civilian Men's clothing

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Pictures of our members that appeared on the covers of a National Magazine.

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