Links of Interest

The web has become vital to living historians for staying in touch, finding sources of supply and learning more about events and historic preservation efforts. Here are a few of our favorite links.

Check back occasionally for updates!

Other Organizations

The Cumberland Guard

Homepage for the Cumberland Guard, the national organization we are proud to be a member of.
The 501c3 organization dedicated to restoring, interpreting, and preserving Michigan's Civil War gem, Historic Fort Wayne. We are proud to be an organization member and many of our members also hold individual memberships. We enjoy many good events here!
In the military, we interpret history even better when we work with others in the state. The Combined Arms Drill and Light Infantry Drill have helped us with both drill and camaraderie.
This site shows Flash animations of some of the basic manuevers that military reenactors need to know.
A listing of events throughout Michigan.

Civil War Trust

A group dedicated to preserving the battle fields that the Civil War was fought on.

Fellow Re-enacting Units

3rd Michigan, Company F

Website of the 3rd Michigan - based in the Grand Rapids area.
Website of the 5th Michigan -a sister company of ours, based in the Saginaw Bay area. 

7th Michigan, Company B

Website of the 7th Michigan - based in the Lansing area.

15th Michigan, Company B

Website of the 15th Michigan - based in the Detroit area.

17th Michigan, Company E

Website of the 17th Michigan - based in the Livonia area.

24th Michigan

Website of the 24th Michigan.